Communist Waffles!

You don’t know me, but I’m the husband sometimes mentioned on Mommy Needs A Swear Jar.  Like my bride, I am an accomplished user of profanity.  According to the Internet research I just conducted, Mark Twain once said that profanity can furnish a relief denied even to prayer.  In other words, when you’re stressed out and just sick of everybody’s shit ($0.25), nothing relieves the pressure like a skillfully crafted stream of profanity.  It’s a fitting theme for her blog.

Earlier this year we became concerned that our youngest child had symptoms consistent with autism and, after months of therapy, an autism diagnosis was made this fall.   Continue reading

MNASJ is up next on the blog tour!

Ashley – from the Crazy Life Of Smash – has asked me to be the next stop on her blog tour!  Ashley was the first mom-blogger to reach out to me when I first started blogging back in June.  She stumbled onto my blog, read one of my posts and she left me an emphatically commiserate comment on my page.  I felt like the new kid at school and it was like she just walked up and said hello.  From there we bonded over our kids peeing the bed and being assholes ($0.25) at dinner. I instantly loved her and stalked her like Crazy Eyes from OITNB! Continue reading

Screw the Zoo …

It was Sunday morning and I had spent nearly all day Saturday doing shit and mostly ignoring my kids so the guilt hit me square in the nose the second I woke up.  I thought a grand gesture was in order and – you know –  I’m not really sure why because no where in my “How To Raise Kids” rule book does it say anything about my obligation to entertain them with fun and interesting things twenty-four-seven.  I blame Facebook, Pinterest and my kids’ precious little faces for the ever-present mom-guilt that plagues me.   Continue reading