The Fam

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Ben and Mac.  The parents. We’re goofy bastards who value Happy Hour, education and – now – birth control.

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Spencer. First born. Drummer. Saxophonist. Great sense of humor (of course). Tall.

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Anna, AKA Anna Banana, AKA AB, AKA The Red Menace, AKA The Red Threat. Large and in-charge.

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Maggie, no known aliases. Tender and delightfully strange. Non-sequitur queen.

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Hayden. Self-proclaimed Awesome Boy. Loves octopuses! Talks a lot. Aggressive kisser.

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Charlie. The Baby. Very picky eater but somehow manages to maintain enormous body. Destroyer of everything.  Absolutely delicious.

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The Fam.  I wanted to drop-kick them all into next week while we were trying to take this picture.


3 thoughts on “The Fam

  1. I just found you. I’m not sure how, but I do know that I love you! Love the swear jar. I think I need one. My daughter said the word “Fuck” when she was four. I can’t very well said she heard that on the bus, now can I?

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